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NAME: Chaplin

GENDER: Female

AGE: (2019) 3 years

ORIGIN: Waterberg



REASON FOR CAPTIVITY: After almost two decades (2000 – 2018) of rehabilitating cheetahs into the Okonjima Nature Reserve we have come to the conclusion that rehabilitation can be a successful tool in conserving cheetahs, that cheetahs - in the absence of a high density of competitive predators like leopards - are able to adapt to different environments and are able to learn how to survive in the wild and become sustainable hunters if sufficient prey is available. Unfortunately, the increasing numbers of higher level carnivores like leopards and brown hyenas due to the absence of human-wildlife-conflict in an enclosed ecosystem, makes the ONR a more and more unsuitable place in which cheetahs can thrive. For this reason Chaplin will remain in AfriCat’s care and act as species ambassadors.


Chaplin is one of our cheetahs at AfriCat's Rehabilitation Centre.

In December 2017 AfriCat was called for help to relocate two juvenile cheetahs of about 12 – 18 months of age - from a farm south of the Waterberg Plateau that was experiencing severe livestock losses in the last couple of months. Accompanied by an office from the Ministry of Environment and Tourism (MET), Team AfriCat collected and transported the young cheetahs to Okonjima where they will receive a second chance in the wild.

The two females are presently placed at AfriCat’s Carnivore Care Center. The female cubs, called Charley and Chaplin, are placed together in a camp with Mundi, as we were hoping that they will bond with each other in the future. Being very skittish and rarely seen by the AfriCat team, the two sisters have become very relaxed and are regularly seen by guests and our Environmental education groups.