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NAME: Shakira

GENDER: Female

AGE: (2018) 14 years

WEIGHT: (2013) 30.2Kg (2014) 39.6Kg (2016) 31.2Kg

ORIGIN: Windhoek


ARRIVED AT AFRICAT: 25 October 2004

REASON FOR CAPTIVITY: Cannot be set free for she was hand-raised and has now become too habituated. Tame leopards that are released back into the wild can be very dangerous, for they lose their natural fear of man.

Shakira is one of our leopards at AfriCat’s Carnivore Care Centre.

Shakira has been at AfriCat since she was nine months old. She was hand-reared from the age of three weeks by a couple who placed her at AfriCat when they no longer had the appropriate facilities to keep her. She is tame but extremely shy. She lives on her own in her enclosure as leopards are solitary animals. “We have supported AfriCat since we sought refuge for a young leopard we had rescued as a cub in 2003. We contacted AfriCat to arrange a visit. We could sense the love for animals that we shared with everyone at AfriCat and were astounded by their knowledge of animal care. We brought Shakira to AfriCat and we continue to help AfriCat with her upkeep. We are confident with the passion show by everyone at AfriCat. We still enjoy visiting Shakira and we vowed to do everything we can to help AfriCat’s fundraising initiatives to further its mission.” Anel & Peet.