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NAME: Mick


AGE: (2018) 16 years

WEIGHT: (2013) 46.5Kg (2014) 46.5Kg

ORIGIN: Mariental


ARRIVED AT AFRICAT: 12 December 2002

REASON FOR CAPTIVITY: Cannot be set free for he was hand-raised and has now become too habituated. Tame leopards that are released back into the wild can be very dangerous, for they lose their natural fear of man.

Mick is one of our leopards at AfriCat’s Carnivore Care Centre.

MICK has been at AfriCat since he was a three-month-old cub. He was confiscated from his previous owners together with an adult female leopard and a young male lion. He was tame when he came into our care and has never lost that habituation. As a result Mick cannot be released back into the wild. Mick is the smallest male leopard at AfriCat or in the Okonjima Reserve.